December 2017 :  after 16 years of communicating news and insights on renewable energies in Canada,

we c.a.r.e. is revamping and will return as the principal advocate for Green Heat .

We currently are working with Matrix Group Publishing to produce the magazine, Net Zero Plus Canada.

This annual publication will examine the status of and potential for energy demand and green supply in Canada, with a focus on the buildings sector,

to demonstrate how Canada can meet and surpass the goals on low-carbon energy.

Advertisers are being solicited and we will offer a free digital copy of Net Zero Plus Canada .

Our daily news service now is carried on our Twitter feed

The world needs to be cautious about renewable energies:  click to see why

For data on comprehensive energy consumption across Canada,  here

For data on electricity consumption for all regions of Canada, here

See more info on Green Heat and its potential in Canada.


we c.a.r.e. works closely with the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association to explain the need to reduce consumption of high-carbon "temperature" energy.