2003 Canadian Renewable Energies Directory

Surplus copies of the 2004 version are available for purchase; press here.

The canadian association for renewable energies has published a directory of renewable energy suppliers in Canada; the first of its kind to be produced without government funding.

The 14x21 cm, 66-page, spiral-bound directory is printed on recycled paper, and 2,000 copies were distributed to user groups, including homebuilders, utilities, architects, as well as politicians and news media. Copies are available for end users who were not included on the original distribution. 

Cost: $20 per copy    (includes GST & postage).
         International orders are slightly higher cost.
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Four copies: $20 total    (includes GST & postage).
         Applies to domestic orders only.
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Bill Eggertson, CAE, Executive Director
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