Transforming Canada into a NetZeroPlus Nation

If Canadians are serious about reducing carbon emissions AND ensuring energy security AND encouraging growth of a green economy AND facilitating electric vehicles AND providing dispatchable baseload demand on the grid ...  there IS an answer.

Homes & apartments consume 17% of Canada's total energy, while 10% is consumed in office buildings.  In the residential sector, 84% of energy is for the temperature applications of space heating, water heating & space cooling; in the commercial sector, that ratio is 65%.    (the balance is plug load, appliances, lighting, motors, auxiliary equipment, etc)

Federal data show that the average home consumes 30,500 kWh of energy over a year for all applications.  A NetZeroPlus Heat Pump ( NZHP ) will produce 25,600 kWh of renewable energy to meet the demand for temperature, while the entire home will consume 12,700 kWh for all end uses.  For single-family detached dwellings, that ratio can be much higher.

The implication: it is easier to achieve status as 'net zero' by installing a NZHP because more than two-thirds of the energy will be produced, allowing technologies (solar PV, etc) to supply the balance at lower cost.

For more information, go to:

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