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The c.a.r.e. news service has covered trends in renewable energies since 1997. 

Full story links are provided to c.a.r.e. members, but we recognize that some articles may be of value to non-members.  To obtain a single story on a one-time basis, the cost is Cdn$10  (US$7).  Payment can be made via:

  1. cheque, payable to c.a.r.e. and mailed to the Ottawa address below
  2. PayPal to the account < >

Provide the full story title (eg: paste from our domain). Currently, this service is handled manually, so we need details to avoid any mistake.  Send a separate message to tell us how / when your payment is coming.


  • Links are valid when the story is posted on, but some links may be changed by the source (such as government or newspaper / magazine links).  c.a.r.e. cannot guarantee that our link will still be active when you request it.
  • The link is released immediately upon payment.
  • c.a.r.e. is not responsible for any non-appropriateness of the link provided nor for any delays in delivery of the link via email.
  • In some cases, the link goes to the homepage of the company responsible for the activity but that host has not posted full details; you may be required to initiate further contact with officials of that company to obtain further details.
  • The service may be expanded in future to include receipt of full reports or documents by pdf, etc.
  • There are no refunds on requests for individual stories.

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